Moose and Bison

I’m having some trouble downloading my photos onto my dumb little travel netbook, but here are a few pretty excellent wildlife photos in the meantime. We really lucked out with the moose – there was a female drinking from a pond, and we thought that was amazing (Patsy has been saying for weeks that all she wanted from Yellowstone was to see a moose, and we were beginning to lose hope) but then a bull moose crossed the road in front of us and went over to the same pond, so we were able to get great photos of both of them. Bison, of course, were everywhere, but they are still pretty impressive, and fun to photograph.

We also saw: elk, deer, foxes, coyotes, grizzly bears (a mother and three cubs), osprey, bald eagles and pronghorn. No bighorn sheep, but there’s always next time.