Gretchen and Jason’s Wedding

While February may not be a traditional time for a New England wedding, Gretchen and Jason had a beautiful day for their wedding yesterday at Boston’s Church of the Advent, downtown. They were fantastic sports too – braving the winter cold for portraits down by the frozen Charles river. Shooting in the church was a bit of a challenge, as flash isn’t permitted during the service, but it was well worth it, since it’s a gorgeous space.

My engagement ring

We picked up my ring from our jeweler this afternoon – I love it! The little diamonds belonged to my great great grandmother!

(For my fellow nerds – this photo was taken indoors, low light, with my iPhone4 – I’m pretty impressed with what its camera can do)

Patsy’s (gorgeous!) engagement ring

We got Patsy’s engagement ring back from our amazing jeweler today, and it is everything we could have hoped for.

The diamond belonged to my great-great-grandmother, and it is really wonderful that we were able to have a new heirloom made from something with a long family history.

I’m having her make a ring for me as well, using itsy-bitsy diamonds and some little sapphires.

Marriage for Alien

Sorry Patsy, how can I resist a 50-foot woman?

Actually, I think he’s the real groom… (And he breathes fire, so I’m not even gonna consider it…)

The real story:

We discovered an AMAZING museum in downtown Bangkok, called the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center. Free admission, Guggenheim-like architecture, and tons and tons of fantastic art. It was barely mentioned in Lonely Planet, so we almost missed it (it’s oddly nestled in Siam Square in between some of the giantest malls we’ve ever seen (even big by the standards of bride and groom above.)) (And yes, I am in love with giant robots, but Patsy knows she has no competition :) )

The marriage for alien sign was spotted somewhere while randomly wandering Bangkok’s Chinatown.

A kiss by the reflecting pool

Today’s wedding was a real treat – Juliana and Jared were a pleasure to work with, so relaxed and happy, and just an awful lot of fun. After the wedding ceremony, we took a walk to the Christian Science Center for formals out by the reflecting pool – it was a perfect setting – a beautiful backdrop for a photogenic couple.


Today’s wedding was fantastic – a beautiful couple, a beautiful setting, happy guests from all over the world… I’ll probably post a few more tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s the bride, Elnaz. Her dress was handmade by her aunt and shipped all the way from Iran, what an amazing story…