Where to stay in Cedar City – the Iron Gate Bed and Breakfast

Should your travels ever take you to Cedar City, Utah (not likely for most of you, I know, but one never knows what fate will bring…) allow me to humbly recommend the inn at which I stayed. It is called the 1897 Iron Gate Inn and it is just wonderful.

The building itself is gorgeous – it seems a little out of place on a street of traditional western ranch-houses – to my eye it would be more at home on a mountainside in the adirondacks or berkshires, but that just shows my new-england bias. The location was great too – it was a short walk to the shakespeare festival and to “downtown” (or what passes for one in this small community.)

What really sets this place apart though are its inkeepers. Hotels often talk about their “guests” when they really mean “customers.” Susan and CR, the inkeepers here, took the term “guest” to heart in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Everyone in this part of the country is friendly in a way that we don’t see often back east, but these two really made me feel welcome, almost like part of their family. From the moment I spoke with CR on the phone to make my reservation I knew I had chosen the right place to stay, and this was proven again and again over the two days I stayed with them. They introduced me to their friends, invited me for a glass of wine with them on the patio, and even (get this) took me with them to a solstice festival outside of town. This was a sort of hospitality that I wasn’t expecting, and one that I will always appreciate.

Now, I was their only guest at the time and I am sure that when they are booked solid they can’t offer the same level of personal attention that they did when I was there, but the real point is that this is a wonderful place to stay and I highly encourage you to check it out if you ever find yourself in their area.