21st IgNobel Awards at Sanders Theatre

Harvard Extension School is a sponsor of the IgNobel awards, and as a consequence I was able to score tickets to last night’s event. It was SO much fun! Highlights: the award for chemistry went to a team of Japanese scientists who invented a wasabi-spray for fire alarms (for deaf people who can’t hear a siren…), the peace prize went to the mayor of Vilnius for running over an illegally parked mercedes with a tank, and Amanda Palmer showed up (unannounced?) for the final song.

Evan’s headshot

Evan is an opera singer, and he wanted something a bit on the formal side – so we started with a very basic, formal headshot. The results were fine, but not special, so we talked a bit about the mood and character he wanted to present, and he jokingly suggested a more serious or ‘evil’ look might work well for him. Switching the lighting to a low-key setup with just one strong side light gave us this dramatic image. It’s far from evil – his expression lets his warm personality through.

Evan Ross Headshot