Marriage for Alien

Sorry Patsy, how can I resist a 50-foot woman?

Actually, I think he’s the real groom… (And he breathes fire, so I’m not even gonna consider it…)

The real story:

We discovered an AMAZING museum in downtown Bangkok, called the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center. Free admission, Guggenheim-like architecture, and tons and tons of fantastic art. It was barely mentioned in Lonely Planet, so we almost missed it (it’s oddly nestled in Siam Square in between some of the giantest malls we’ve ever seen (even big by the standards of bride and groom above.)) (And yes, I am in love with giant robots, but Patsy knows she has no competition :) )

The marriage for alien sign was spotted somewhere while randomly wandering Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Bangkok again

We’re back in Bangkok for two days before the long journey home(BKK->Seoul->LA->Boston with 9-12 hour layovers at Seoul and LA, but because of the dateline, it will be Monday for the entire journey)

Today’s agenda includes some temples, hopefully a floating market, and taking delivery of a new custom-made suit (which looks pretty darn spiffy.)

Here’s a couple from yesterday at Wat Pho:

Wat Pho, Bangkok

Bangkok – Day 1 and 2

I am writing these a few days late due to a crazy schedule and spotty internet service. I’m not going to be terribly accurate about backdating but I’ll do my best.

Most of our Bangkok sightseeing so far has been around the Grand Palace – which was every bit as impressive as I remembered from my visit here ten years ago. We both thoroughly enjoyed the palace, though the heat was a bit oppressive.

We also found a tailor to make me a custom-made suit, which is somewhere between exciting and terrifying (because even though it’s very cheap for a custom tailor, it is still a lot of money spent on something without a good idea of what the result will be)

The only bad part was that we seem to have gotten somewhat ripped off by the TAT (official tourist travel agency, government licensed or whatever) – the guest house they booked for us in cambodia was not as advertised (no AC, dirty, etc)  and they charged us about five times its real price. We didn’t end up staying there and will contest the charges.