Test self-portrait

This was a test-shot for last night’s headshot session – I just wanted to make sure I liked the lighting setup (which I did/do) – it’s a so-so self-portrait, and yet another chance for everyone I know to give me a hard time for looking waaaay too serious in photos.

I took these using the _amazing_ DSLR Remote Pro* from onOne software, but for some reason I couldn’t get live view mode working properly from my D700, I think due to a semi-faulty usb cord or something (worked fine from my desktop, glitchy on my laptop…)

(*Once I have a chance to play with it a bit more and work out where the glitchiness is, I’ll write a real (FTC-safe, no payola) review of the product, but the gist of it is that it is a seriously cool app.)


Fork Knife or Spoon?

Babson is, to my mind at least, a pretty conservative, ‘normal’ and borderline-stodgy place. But to their credit, they have a pretty interesting artist-in-residence program. Today I learned about a project that’s running right now called “fork knife or spoon?” which is an installation of writings, drawings, sculptures as well as a website and some other multimedia elements. It’s in the student union building (I forgot my lunch today and had to go to the cafeteria…) This chandelier of plastic utensils was hanging there and I thought it was beautiful – reminds me of a cat my friend Josh Lazar made years ago from stolen silverware from his college cafeteria…

The project’s website is forkknifeorspoon.com – the artist is asking people to submit self-identity pieces about what utensil they most identify with and why. I think it is an extremely cool project and I encourage you folks to participate. I wrote this:

I am a wooden spoon – unassuming and utilitarian at first glance, but
firm and unyielding. I am a bit worn around the edges from use and
experience, and a bit self-conscious when in the drawer surrounded by
newer, shinier utensils. But in my element I bend all the other
ingredients to my will – I push, stir, shove, smash, slap, and yet for
all the force I leave no permanent marks on the pan. I plunge myself
deep into new recipes, filling my bowl with tastes, smells, experiences.