Test self-portrait

This was a test-shot for last night’s headshot session – I just wanted to make sure I liked the lighting setup (which I did/do) – it’s a so-so self-portrait, and yet another chance for everyone I know to give me a hard time for looking waaaay too serious in photos.

I took these using the _amazing_ DSLR Remote Pro* from onOne software, but for some reason I couldn’t get live view mode working properly from my D700, I think due to a semi-faulty usb cord or something (worked fine from my desktop, glitchy on my laptop…)

(*Once I have a chance to play with it a bit more and work out where the glitchiness is, I’ll write a real (FTC-safe, no payola) review of the product, but the gist of it is that it is a seriously cool app.)



Another headshot session today. Liz is a theatre student, and she wanted to have a lot of personality and character in her headshots. So after we had done the tried-and-true headshot standards I took a number of shots that were just a lot more fun. This is one of my favorites from that batch.