Why I believe in occupy…

Because I think that individuals in a society have a responsibility to make that society better.

Because I fundamentally believe that we are stronger as a society than as individuals.

Because selfishness is not a virtue.

Because each of us, even rich people, should pay their fair share.

Because I am sick and tired of watching the forces of evil run roughshod over our democracy.

Because despite my disillusionment, I still cling to the hope that good people can do good if we stand together.

Bread and Puppet on Cambridge Common

Yesterday as I’m leaving work I hear a brass band. I look around, and sure enough there’s a bunch of stiltwalkers from Bread and Puppet theatre walking through the square followed by a 20+ piece brass band. It was fantastic! Better yet was that they were parading through the square on their way to Cambridge Common for a free puppet circus.

The show was great fun – highly political/leftist – the puppets warned us about fracking, capitalism, war, vermont yankee, lockheed-martin… It was wonderful to see a huge, receptive crowd on the common for a message that would have been controversial in most of the country.

At the end they served bread and aioli (which was good, ’cause I was starving!)

I’m sure someone beat me to it (Bristol Palin in “Juneau”)

But I spent a chunk of my evening goofing around with photoshop to make this stupid thing anyway – it was just too obvious a gag to pass up…

For the benefit of search-engines everywhere I am adjusting the post title and mentioning here that this is a Juno poster adapted to include Bristol Palin and John McCain. Can’t have that other guy getting all the hits… 😉