Patsy’s new cousin

Patsy has a brand new cousin – this little guy is just three days old. We went to visit him tonight, he was mostly asleep and his parents and grandma were pretty exhausted, but his big sister was full of energy, and seemed to be adjusting just fine to having a new baby in the house.



Patsy and I are on vacation at my family’s lake-house in Maine. It’s pretty cold up here but beautiful and quiet, and we are having a wonderful time. We spent most of the day today cooking. I made dinner – a fish chowder (turned out especially well, perfect for my slightly-sore throat) and anadama bread (a little too salty maybe, we couldn’t find dad’s recipe so we improvised.) Patsy is making a blueberry pie right now…

A ton of photos from our trip to Colorado

Most of the time I was in Denver it was snowy and gross, so these photos are almost all from our Dec 1 (“a day without art”, no postings!) trip to the mountains. A high point was finding the Argo gold mill. We were taking photos outside the mill (which was closed and chained shut) and as we were leaving a guy in a pickup pulled up beside us. I completely expected him to give us a hard time for taking so many photos, but I couldn’t have been more wrong – he said that he had noticed we were interested in the mill and that if we wanted to go inside, we could explore all we wanted – he was working there in another part of the building. So in we went, and the place was amazing, as documented below :)