Patsy and Me

This particular photo is about a year old, but we haven’t made it into the studio together in a while. As my (single-digit!) readership will already know, Patsy and I got engaged a couple weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. Having been a part of so many weddings for so many wonderful couples, it is exciting to have a chance to think about my own :) (Though, as a few of my friends have already noted, finding a photographer may be a little daunting…)

Life imitates, well, life

Patsy and I are at Bandelay for the weekend (a long one at that, I took Friday off) and we decided to make a big pot of fish chowder and a couple loaves of anadama bread for dinner. And I realized as we were doing this, that almost exactly a year ago we did almost exactly the same thing:

Well, it was great then, and it was great again tonight. The pie will be pumpkin this time, not blueberry.

Closing day for “Good”

The final performance of “Good” at the Boston Conservatory’s Zack Box theatre is today at 2pm. It’s a great show, well worth attending – and admission is free :)

Needless to say, I am very proud of Patsy and her entire cast. They’ve all done a really excellent job, and with very difficult material.

Some more production photos:









Our new rings

Yeah, we’re too cutesy for our own good, but while we were away Patsy and I got ourselves rings with blue opal.

Eventually I’d like to really do a _good_ ‘product-shot’ image of these – this one has some issues with the lighting and the black background, marks and dust that I am too lazy to retouch out – I’d rather just shoot it again the right way…