Patsy and Me

This particular photo is about a year old, but we haven’t made it into the studio together in a while. As my (single-digit!) readership will already know, Patsy and I got engaged a couple weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. Having been a part of so many weddings for so many wonderful couples, it is exciting to have a chance to think about my own :) (Though, as a few of my friends have already noted, finding a photographer may be a little daunting…)

Test self-portrait

This was a test-shot for last night’s headshot session – I just wanted to make sure I liked the lighting setup (which I did/do) – it’s a so-so self-portrait, and yet another chance for everyone I know to give me a hard time for looking waaaay too serious in photos.

I took these using the _amazing_ DSLR Remote Pro* from onOne software, but for some reason I couldn’t get live view mode working properly from my D700, I think due to a semi-faulty usb cord or something (worked fine from my desktop, glitchy on my laptop…)

(*Once I have a chance to play with it a bit more and work out where the glitchiness is, I’ll write a real (FTC-safe, no payola) review of the product, but the gist of it is that it is a seriously cool app.)



Patsy and I are on vacation at my family’s lake-house in Maine. It’s pretty cold up here but beautiful and quiet, and we are having a wonderful time. We spent most of the day today cooking. I made dinner – a fish chowder (turned out especially well, perfect for my slightly-sore throat) and anadama bread (a little too salty maybe, we couldn’t find dad’s recipe so we improvised.) Patsy is making a blueberry pie right now…

A ton of photos from our trip to Colorado

Most of the time I was in Denver it was snowy and gross, so these photos are almost all from our Dec 1 (“a day without art”, no postings!) trip to the mountains. A high point was finding the Argo gold mill. We were taking photos outside the mill (which was closed and chained shut) and as we were leaving a guy in a pickup pulled up beside us. I completely expected him to give us a hard time for taking so many photos, but I couldn’t have been more wrong – he said that he had noticed we were interested in the mill and that if we wanted to go inside, we could explore all we wanted – he was working there in another part of the building. So in we went, and the place was amazing, as documented below :)