We went with Patsy’s parents on a puffin watch today near Pemaquid Maine. It was pretty great, and we saw a bunch of puffins (though not as close-up as we would’ve most liked.) It is NOT easy using a long tele lens on a boat with moving birds as subjects, let me tell you!

Still going through the photos, but here’s a couple that turned out ok.

Life imitates, well, life

Patsy and I are at Bandelay for the weekend (a long one at that, I took Friday off) and we decided to make a big pot of fish chowder and a couple loaves of anadama bread for dinner. And I realized as we were doing this, that almost exactly a year ago we did almost exactly the same thing:

Well, it was great then, and it was great again tonight. The pie will be pumpkin this time, not blueberry.