Thanksgiving menu 2011

If I do say so myself, Patsy and I outdid ourselves this year (a good thing, since my sister wants a turn next year…)

I’ve linked to recipes when possible, we didn’t really follow them very closely, but they were a good starting point.

The full menu (absolutely everything was homemade, by us unless otherwise noted):

“Nibblies” (in honor of Grandpa Herb):

Kalamata Olive Tapenade
Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate

The meal:

Tuna Poke, served on a bed of shaved daikon
Mediterranean arugula-fennel salad with proscuitto and pomegranate
Roasted Beet-apple soup
Nobu-style miso-glazed cod with seaweed salad
Poached egg with asparagus and miso butter (and homemade vienna bread)
Figs with pancetta and fourme d’ambert
Melon ‘sorbet’ as a palate cleanser
Smokey turkey shumai
Duck breast with truffled polenta and berry sauce

Dessert (made by my dad)
Apple pie
Mince pie
Pumpkin pie

If it’s Purim, they must be hamentashen

I am not much of a baker, but ever since college I have made absurd quantities of hamentashen every purim. These are the first batch, from last night – today I’m going to make more, so I have some to bring to the office tomorrow. It’s hard not to love purim – how many other holidays are there which enforce eating cookies and drinking (lots of) wine? Enjoy :)

Luang Prabang – Cooking School

We spent most of today in cooking school here in Luang Prabang. It was a really spectacular experience – we made five dishes, learned two others, and had two great meals. (All for $30 each, how’s that for a bargain?) (Patsy reminds me that the day included a trip to the market (which was only semi-covered) during a torrential rainstorm. During this, my camera’s memory card crapped out, making me fear that a day of shooting had been lost (I recovered the images eventually))

It was a good way to cap off a visit to Luang Prabang after a few days of walking and hiking. We finished the day with (yet another) trip to the night craft market and some crepes.

Indian dinner

Tonight’s Indian feast was a bit of a comedy of errors (we forgot to get yogurt, we forgot to get ginger, we forgot to get…,) but it came together really nicely in the end. We made a great chicken curry w/ coconut milk, some spiced potatoes w/ broccoli, and heated up some naan.



We spent most of the afternoon cleaning the kitchen, and to celebrate we messed it up again. These are (delicious!) tapas-style shrimp with garlic and chilies. We had them with some homemade bread, some Spanish and French cheeses (our favorites – valdeon and bucheron) and some garlicky green beans. All made without a trip to the grocery store, no less!

New Year’s Dumplings

When I was a kid I remember my dad would cook all kinds of fun/interesting/weird finger food for new year’s eve. I remember him making lamejunes, lumpia, and a variety of other steamed/baked/fried things. So I like to follow that ‘tradition’ by making dumplings, etc for our nye celebrations. This year we went over to my sister’s place for a multi-course ‘potluck’ extravaganza. Patsy and I brought shumai, har gau, and samosas. These are pre-steaming…