Patsy’s (gorgeous!) engagement ring

We got Patsy’s engagement ring back from our amazing jeweler today, and it is everything we could have hoped for.

The diamond belonged to my great-great-grandmother, and it is really wonderful that we were able to have a new heirloom made from something with a long family history.

I’m having her make a ring for me as well, using itsy-bitsy diamonds and some little sapphires.

Patsy and Me

This particular photo is about a year old, but we haven’t made it into the studio together in a while. As my (single-digit!) readership will already know, Patsy and I got engaged a couple weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. Having been a part of so many weddings for so many wonderful couples, it is exciting to have a chance to think about my own :) (Though, as a few of my friends have already noted, finding a photographer may be a little daunting…)

Liz and Dave on the Mattapan High-Speed Line

I  always like to meet with my wedding couples before the big day for an engagement session – usually we’ll take the pictures in a public park or at my studio. Liz and Dave wanted something different, and arranged for us to get access (and a photography permit) to the car-house at the Mattapan red line station. We were able to board the trolleys and wander the tracks, resulting in photos that are quite different from my usual engagement photos. It’s always a pleasure to work with folks who want something a little bit out of the ordinary :)