DeCordova Eyeballs

It was a gorgeous day today and before class I went for a walk through the DeCordova Sculpture Park with my camera. There’s a piece there that has always appealed to me – a dead tree covered with glass eyes. I found myself completely drawn to it. It’s strange making pictures of someone else’s art, but I’m very happy with these – they make me want to find my glass eye collection and start making something.


Our model Andrea

I bring a model in to class for a portrait session each semester. This time we had few logistical hiccups but it worked out just fine in the end. Pretty much all of my students were there, so I didn’t get much chance to shoot myself, but I did a few test shots while setting up the lights. This is done with just one light and a shoot-through umbrella. I like how the light wraps around her face.


Big Nazo at DeCordova!

When I was a kid at RISD I discovered a wonderful street-performance troupe of RISD-affiliated puppeteers called Big Nazo. They would perform at RISD street fairs, play rock concerts in local bars, and just show up from time to time on the streets of Providence. One of my only real regrets about my time at RISD is that I never took their “Creature Creation” wintersession class. So, when I saw that they would be doing a performance/demo at DeCordova, I snapped up a pair of tickets and begged Patsy to come along. (It was a pretty easy sell.)

The show was really kid-focused, but it was still a ton of fun, and really interesting to see some in-progress creations. I’m totally inspired to get some foam sheeting and try this myself, but it may end up as one more in a long line of ‘i’ll do it one day’ projects…

(Oh, for the camera-dorks among you – these were shot at, get this, 1/60, f/6.3, ISO 12800 with my D700, no flash just ‘available darkness.’)