Bread and Puppet on Cambridge Common

Yesterday as I’m leaving work I hear a brass band. I look around, and sure enough there’s a bunch of stiltwalkers from Bread and Puppet theatre walking through the square followed by a 20+ piece brass band. It was fantastic! Better yet was that they were parading through the square on their way to Cambridge Common for a free puppet circus.

The show was great fun – highly political/leftist – the puppets warned us about fracking, capitalism, war, vermont yankee, lockheed-martin… It was wonderful to see a huge, receptive crowd on the common for a message that would have been controversial in most of the country.

At the end they served bread and aioli (which was good, ’cause I was starving!)

Misty City

I don’t mind the cold, so I’m not one of the ones griping about the temperature, and my garden is loving the rain, but I sure wouldn’t mind some sun one of these days. In the meantime, the city sure looks amazing at night with all the mist in the air. This is from Patsy’s balcony.