Misty City

I don’t mind the cold, so I’m not one of the ones griping about the temperature, and my garden is loving the rain, but I sure wouldn’t mind some sun one of these days. In the meantime, the city sure looks amazing at night with all the mist in the air. This is from Patsy’s balcony.


Prudential at Sunset

These photos are actually a few days old – I had misplaced my LX3 and forgotten about the images until today. Shot at about 5pm just before sunset and the light was just phenomenal. I love Boston and I always have, but the Prudential is a building I’ve never found so pretty – but I think here I found it in the right light :)


A kiss by the reflecting pool

Today’s wedding was a real treat – Juliana and Jared were a pleasure to work with, so relaxed and happy, and just an awful lot of fun. After the wedding ceremony, we took a walk to the Christian Science Center for formals out by the reflecting pool – it was a perfect setting – a beautiful backdrop for a photogenic couple.