We went with Patsy’s parents on a puffin watch today near Pemaquid Maine. It was pretty great, and we saw a bunch of puffins (though not as close-up as we would’ve most liked.) It is NOT easy using a long tele lens on a boat with moving birds as subjects, let me tell you!

Still going through the photos, but here’s a couple that turned out ok.

Somerville Hawk (what kind?)

Patsy saw this hawk in Teele Square the other day, and today on my way home from the supermarket I saw it again – this time I went to get my camera. It is pretty big, and although this was shot near sunset, the hawk itself is pretty much grey/white – not the brown/red I’d expect from a redtail hawk. Is it a redtail? Something else?


We spent the weekend in Houston visiting Patsy’s folks, and today they took us to a state park with tons of wildlife. We were hoping to see alligators (which is part of why I have ‘never smile at a crocodile’ stuck in my head (is there anything that rhymes with alligator?)) and we finally found one right at the end of the trail – but we saw TONS of egrets and herons and ibis (not to mention other photographers) and various smaller less interesting birds.

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