Who watches the watchmen?

Apparently I do. Imagine my surprise when I found myself walking down a Cambridge street, stalked by what appears to be the Google Map Mobile. Yes, atop this otherwise unassuming Dodge Neon (from NH of all places) sat four small DSLRs (Canon Rebels?) with super-wide lenses (Sigma 8mm fisheyes?) The car was driving super-slow down the street, with a pattern of backing up and going forward that reminded me very much of a flatbed scanner. The two girls inside seemed like they couldn’t decide if they were amused or annoyed that I was following and photographing them as they documented my walk home.


6 thoughts on “Who watches the watchmen?

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  2. A9.com, a search engine run by Amazon, used to have this street-level view. For no reason I’ve been able to figure out, it disappeared some time last year.

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