It’s SO cold!

Bangalore was warm, probably in the 80s Fahrenheit. Everyone the w warning us all the time about how cold it was going to be in Delhi. They said that is it so cold in Delhi that they had to close school for a week. (huh?) We thought, no problem, we have winte coats in our bags from when we got to the airport at home.

Arrive in Delhi. Weather was, to our minds, a pleasant springlike temperature. We ditch our coats and roll up our sleeves. All around us people are bundled up in winter clothes, earmuffs, wool hats…

At Agra, our driver told us to be sure to bring arm clothes to the taj if we went in the morning. I changed into a lighter-weight shirt because it was too warm… Then I complained to the hotel about how the air conditioner wasn’t working in our room…

Makes one wonder what the Indian people mean when they say Kerala won’t be so hot… I imagine intense heat… We’ll see tomorrow. Everything continues to be relative.

Makes me a little concerned

One thought on “It’s SO cold!

  1. Temperature is indeed relative. Delhi is about the same latitude as Houston, so I think the temperatures are about the same. I know people here that put on a sweater and complain that it is cold if the temperature drops below 80 while I will add a long sleeve shirt or sweater only if the temperature drops below 50. With the tile floors and (probably) lack of central heating, a temperature of even 50 will seem cold in a house!

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