Thanksgiving menu 2011

If I do say so myself, Patsy and I outdid ourselves this year (a good thing, since my sister wants a turn next year…)

I’ve linked to recipes when possible, we didn’t really follow them very closely, but they were a good starting point.

The full menu (absolutely everything was homemade, by us unless otherwise noted):

“Nibblies” (in honor of Grandpa Herb):

Kalamata Olive Tapenade
Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate

The meal:

Tuna Poke, served on a bed of shaved daikon
Mediterranean arugula-fennel salad with proscuitto and pomegranate
Roasted Beet-apple soup
Nobu-style miso-glazed cod with seaweed salad
Poached egg with asparagus and miso butter (and homemade vienna bread)
Figs with pancetta and fourme d’ambert
Melon ‘sorbet’ as a palate cleanser
Smokey turkey shumai
Duck breast with truffled polenta and berry sauce

Dessert (made by my dad)
Apple pie
Mince pie
Pumpkin pie

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving menu 2011

  1. Dang, where was I when this meal was happening!? 😉

    You’ve come a long way since the first thanksgiving, looks like an awesome dinner and cool recipes. Thanks for linking to them.

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