Gretchen and Jason’s Wedding

While February may not be a traditional time for a New England wedding, Gretchen and Jason had a beautiful day for their wedding yesterday at Boston’s Church of the Advent, downtown. They were fantastic sports too – braving the winter cold for portraits down by the frozen Charles river. Shooting in the church was a bit of a challenge, as flash isn’t permitted during the service, but it was well worth it, since it’s a gorgeous space.

3 thoughts on “Gretchen and Jason’s Wedding

  1. We join in offering congratulations on your marriage !
    May your years together be filled with love, grace and blessings.

    Marie Ford Reilly and James J Reilly

  2. God bless you both as you live out your life together.
    If you ever get to Ohio/Pgh, stop by the farm! We would love to host you for a day or a few weeks.
    Blessings and love,
    Dan Grimminger, Karin Himstedt, Justus and Julia.

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