Patsy’s (gorgeous!) engagement ring

We got Patsy’s engagement ring back from our amazing jeweler today, and it is everything we could have hoped for.

The diamond belonged to my great-great-grandmother, and it is really wonderful that we were able to have a new heirloom made from something with a long family history.

I’m having her make a ring for me as well, using itsy-bitsy diamonds and some little sapphires.

2 thoughts on “Patsy’s (gorgeous!) engagement ring

  1. The diamond had belonged to (in English) Toby Katz Greenberg — probably born around 1860 in what the family always called Russo-Poland. She came to the USA in 1910 with her two daughter, Gitel (Gussie —- my maternal grandmother) and the very young Rose, to join her husband. I have her husband’s old desk in our dining room.

    Mazel Tov! It is a gorgeous ring.

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