Siem Reap – Day 3 (Bus to Cambodia)

The bus ride from Bangkok to the border was easier and more pleasant than we expected. Contrary to the 6+ hours we were quoted, it only took about 4 hours to reach the border.

The border itself was another thing altogether. After passing the thoroughly pleasant Thai passport control folks, the Cambodian immigration process was a bit of an ordeal – tons of paperwork, many different lines, poor communication, not to mention intense heat and confusion. We were glad the guy from the bus was leading us through the process (though we certainly could’ve figured it out.)

From there, it was a two hour taxi ride to Siem Reap itself.

After some really unpleasant negotiating around finding a new hotel (see last post)  we found an adequate (though bizarre, quirky, and in process of demolition) guest house.

Tomorrow we start at the temples.

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