Automator geekery

So at my day-job I’ve been fiddling a bit with Apple’s “Automator” tech to try and improve our imaging workflow. Today it occurred to me that maybe it could do me some good also. So I played around a little bit until I discovered this extremely cool Automator action called Upload To FTP – it’s fantastic, I made a little applet which will upload to my blog whenever I save something to my blogging folder on my machine – in practice that means, I find the picture I want to show you, do a little photoshop work to it as needed, hit one key, and boom it’s on my server!

No, this will neither improve the quality nor quantity of my posts. But it does make me feel a little better about staying indoors on this gorgeous afternoon.

If you’re using Tiger (and you should be!) – check out Automator, it’s cool.

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