Somerville – Please Reconsider Your Parking Regulations

This is a note to my mayor, my aldermen, my neighbors and my friends.

I have lived in Somerville for over 5 years, and I moved my studio here from Cambridge about two years ago. I love it here, and I am proud of my city. (It took a while for this die-hard Cantabridgian to come around to that idea, but Somerville is my home now and I love it.)

I am very concerned about the new parking regulations that are planned for August 1 – under these new rules, parking meters would run until 10pm in some parts of my town, and my clients would need resident stickers in order to park by my studio. (A major reason for choosing my studio building was the ease of non-permit parking.) These changes will hurt me both as an individual and also as a business owner.

I understand that the city is hurting for money and that it needs to come from somewhere. I know that these parking regulations might give the city the money it needs so it won’t raise my property taxes. But I think this is the wrong way to raise those funds. I think it discourages visitors, creates a more insular city, and makes us look greedy and unfriendly.

I don’t have any brilliant ideas for how else to raise the funds, but at a minimum I’d beg the city to reconsider the parking ban on Vernon street so that my clients can actually visit my studio. (And seriously, 10pm for parking meters? That is completely off the deep end crazy.)

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