I love Chichen Itza

We got up early today and headed straight for the ruins. WOW – it was pretty much everything I had hoped for – pyramids, columns, carvings, falling-down buildings… It felt really old and somewhat sacred, despite the throngs of tourists who began to show up after we had been there an hour or so.

There were also tons of craft booths, I bought way too much stuff.

My itty-bitty laptop isn’t really up to the job of running Aperture, so I only have a couple photos ready to post, I will add more when I get home.



One thought on “I love Chichen Itza

  1. I was at Chichen Itza in about 1985 – from your photos, it doesn’t look like it has changed. :) Did you see lots of people using umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun? We went back at night to see the light show, and waiting for our ride back, we stood in the road in the middle of the jungle shining our flashlights on a huge scorpion, a millipede, and a tarantula so we could keep track of where they were. And those were the ones we could see…

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