Dear Adobe: Your Activation/Licensing system sucks

I am grumpy.


Because after my wildly successful hard drive upgrade on my MacbookPro, none of my Adobe applications work.

It’s extra-frustrating because everything else is working flawlessly, better than ever. The upgrade went off without a hitch, the machine is running faster than before, humming along like a charm.

But my Adobe apps are completely, utterly, kaput. It’s because Adobe’s copy-protection is preventing me from using my own license of the software on the same machine it was installed on. This is completely insane.

I shudder to think of the amount of money I’ve spent on Adobe products over the years, certainly many thousands. I understand that piracy is a problem for them, and that companies need to protect their IP, but when it stands in the way of actual paying customers there’s a real problem. Not to mention that their phone support costs money (I am not gonna pay it!)

So yeah, I am grumpy. My install discs are at home, so I might not be able to fix it until tonight (if at all.)

Update: I have run Adobe’s troubleshooting and license repair apps and scripts without any luck. I dunno how this is going to get fixed.

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