Chinatown Lion Parade

I seem to miss this every year, so today I made an extra effort to get myself to Chinatown for the lion dances. I had forgotten just how loud and smoky the fireworks are – got a little too close to some and got sprayed with bits of paper. Chinatown was swarming with photographers, some toting tons of lighting equipment as well as multiple cameras. I felt distinctly under-dressed with only a D700 and my ‘around-town’ superzoom. Still, a lot of fun and some good pictures came out of it…


bandes_chinatown492bandes_chinatown493bandes_chinatown494bandes_chinatown495I’ve put some more up on the new gallery page of my personal/fine-art photo website.

3 thoughts on “Chinatown Lion Parade

  1. Some great shots. I particularly like the last but one, outside the hair/skin place. Would it be ok with you to use that shot in a blog post, with appropriate link and attribution?
    We drove past Chinatown today, and saw and heard some of what was going on, but weren’t able to stop.

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