Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla versus, uh, the Middle East?

We’ve been getting more and more into this monster project lately, and I dug up some of my monster collection, and discovered some more super-cheap at Kay-Bee’s going out of business sale. Also, we decided we needed a city for them to destroy, so we found some papercraft building sites. The most detailed, and most to-scale were from some kind of wargame, and they have little Arabic inscriptions over the doors. I don’t speak any Arabic and I’m a little scared that the buildings might say something offensive, so please accept my apologies if they do.


2 thoughts on “Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla versus, uh, the Middle East?

  1. these are so cool, even without the special FX. The hot wheels car is a nice touch. If you want to incorporate some vintage 1960s Hot Wheels toys, I’ll lend you my “Beatnick Bandit” or “Silhouette” reproductions. If I can find the box they are still packed in that is.

  2. Absolutely! I’m thinking fairly seriously about setting up a more permanent/well-lit shooting scene in my studio. My biggest problem right now is that the little people are out of scale with the cars and Godzilla, so I need to either get smaller people, bigger monsters, or start being more savvy about perspective. In the meantime prop/scenery advice and sources are much appreciated!

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