Download Crossover tomorrow!

I’m a mac user, but I occasionally need to run windows stuff, and when I do I have a variety of methods for doing so – VMWare is my tool of choice, but for quick and easy compatibility I often reach for CrossOver, and I’ve been one of their “advocates” (testers) trying to help get better compatibility in some of my favorite games.

So I thought it was really cool when they announced their “Lame Duck Challenge” which was intended (mostly as a joke, I expect) to encourage Bush to get some good stuff done in the sunset of his career. There were some pretty lofty goals on their list – reduce the price of gas dramatically, improve the housing market, etc.

In any case, with the economy in freefall, some of their goals have inadvertently been met. (Jeremy White of Codeweavers apologizes thusly “Specifically, I had no idea when we launched the CodeWeavers Lame Duck Challenge that George Bush would take it so seriously.  And it was truly remarkable of him to engineer a complete collapse of our financial industry just to prove he could meet my challenge.  My fault; I had thought he would try more prudent methods.”

But the upshot is that Crossover is going to be free for everyone tomorrow 10/28/08, and it’s good software, so well worth the download :)

Thanks to Codeweavers for sticking to their word on this!

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