I’m sure someone beat me to it (Bristol Palin in “Juneau”)

But I spent a chunk of my evening goofing around with photoshop to make this stupid thing anyway – it was just too obvious a gag to pass up…

For the benefit of search-engines everywhere I am adjusting the post title and mentioning here that this is a Juno poster adapted to include Bristol Palin and John McCain. Can’t have that other guy getting all the hits… 😉

7 thoughts on “I’m sure someone beat me to it (Bristol Palin in “Juneau”)


    There’s one very similar _but not as good as yours_ on Wonkette. Damn. I bettcha other blogs will pick up yours (where’s that durutti guy when you need him, huh??)

  2. *smile* I’ve passed a link to this page along to a few folks who will undoubtedly appreciate it. GREAT job. And how did you get McCain to look so darn young??

  3. Nice one Charley. At least the ten people who read my blog (or is that 3 people and 7 bots?) might follow the link I just added to your excellent artwork.

  4. I’m at least one of those people Bruce – between your readership and mine, I’m not sure we’ve got a minyan… (And actually, of those, I think only one or two will even get that lame-ass joke I just made.)

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