Open letter to Apple – Unbreak the iPhone!

Ok Apple, here’s my story:I bought my iPhone on day 1. I had faith that the platform would open up, and I had faith that you as a company would keep your users best interests in mind as you developed the device. I believed you when you said you’d be rolling out features to “surprise and delight” me. I’m patient – I didn’t mind that the price dropped precipitously after just three months, in large part because the developer community succeeded at opening up the platform even without your support.

Their efforts showed us just how lameass your “AJAX devkit” really was – native apps were just better, even those written with zero support and zero SDK. They did a great job. They made your customers happy. We loved our iPhones.

Then yesterday, FOR NO REASON, you released an “update” that offered no meaningful new features (sure the wifi store is cool and all, but now that Amazon sells DRM-free music for less, why do I want to buy from you ever again?) and instead crippled iPhones everywhere.Now, I never unlocked my iPhone, because I don’t really see any reason to do so. But HOW DARE YOU break phones willy-nilly while simultaneously voiding warrantees just because people legally installed _legal software_ on a device they legally owned?

It’s time you showed up with an apology, a plan, and a path towards Apple-sanctioned 3rd party development. In the meantime, I’m happy I never unlocked my phone, and I’m going to avoid all of your future “updates” like the plague.

For all those whose iPhones are now broken, it seems to me that a remedy from Apple is owed you. They’ve essentially sold you a defective non-upgradeable device which they refuse to support, and that is simply appalling. I wonder how many class-action suits are being written as I write this. Apple – I expected better from you. I am very, very disappointed in you. Make it right.

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