Gretchen and Jason’s Wedding

While February may not be a traditional time for a New England wedding, Gretchen and Jason had a beautiful day for their wedding yesterday at Boston’s Church of the Advent, downtown. They were fantastic sports too – braving the winter cold for portraits down by the frozen Charles river. Shooting in the church was a bit of a challenge, as flash isn’t permitted during the service, but it was well worth it, since it’s a gorgeous space.

Liz and Dave on the Mattapan High-Speed Line

I  always like to meet with my wedding couples before the big day for an engagement session – usually we’ll take the pictures in a public park or at my studio. Liz and Dave wanted something different, and arranged for us to get access (and a photography permit) to the car-house at the Mattapan red line station. We were able to board the trolleys and wander the tracks, resulting in photos that are quite different from my usual engagement photos. It’s always a pleasure to work with folks who want something a little bit out of the ordinary :)


A kiss by the reflecting pool

Today’s wedding was a real treat – Juliana and Jared were a pleasure to work with, so relaxed and happy, and just an awful lot of fun. After the wedding ceremony, we took a walk to the Christian Science Center for formals out by the reflecting pool – it was a perfect setting – a beautiful backdrop for a photogenic couple.


Today’s wedding was fantastic – a beautiful couple, a beautiful setting, happy guests from all over the world… I’ll probably post a few more tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s the bride, Elnaz. Her dress was handmade by her aunt and shipped all the way from Iran, what an amazing story…

Bandesphoto re-revised

Ok, so I inadvertently broke my website this morning by attempting to install a “required” “update.” In the process I had the, um, opportunity to try a different look for the site, because my old look is for the time being irreparably kaput. I actually am thinking that I might like the new look better anyway. There are some glitches currently – notably that all of the images are padded with white borders, and look kinda stupid against the grey background of the current design. I also seem to notice that the “home” tab stays highlighted all the time. All of these can be fixed without too much trouble. So, what do you think? Simple new white theme, or slightly more complicated red-and-beige theme?