21st IgNobel Awards at Sanders Theatre

Harvard Extension School is a sponsor of the IgNobel awards, and as a consequence I was able to score tickets to last night’s event. It was SO much fun! Highlights: the award for chemistry went to a team of Japanese scientists who invented a wasabi-spray for fire alarms (for deaf people who can’t hear a siren…), the peace prize went to the mayor of Vilnius for running over an illegally parked mercedes with a tank, and Amanda Palmer showed up (unannounced?) for the final song.

Closing day for “Good”

The final performance of “Good” at the Boston Conservatory’s Zack Box theatre is today at 2pm. It’s a great show, well worth attending – and admission is free :)

Needless to say, I am very proud of Patsy and her entire cast. They’ve all done a really excellent job, and with very difficult material.

Some more production photos: