Reminder – Vernon Street Open Studios this weekend!

Hi all – this post is just a quick reminder that I will be having open studios at my Somerville studio this weekend, Nov 8 and 9. The whole Vernon Street arts community is participating – over 50 (amazing) artists, along with live music, food, etc. It should be an amazing event. It’s 12-5 both Saturday and Sunday, my studio is on the second floor of #6 Vernon Street – please stop by if you have a chance, see some art, maybe find some holiday gifts :)

Hope to see you there!

Download Crossover tomorrow!

I’m a mac user, but I occasionally need to run windows stuff, and when I do I have a variety of methods for doing so – VMWare is my tool of choice, but for quick and easy compatibility I often reach for CrossOver, and I’ve been one of their “advocates” (testers) trying to help get better compatibility in some of my favorite games.

So I thought it was really cool when they announced their “Lame Duck Challenge” which was intended (mostly as a joke, I expect) to encourage Bush to get some good stuff done in the sunset of his career. There were some pretty lofty goals on their list – reduce the price of gas dramatically, improve the housing market, etc.

In any case, with the economy in freefall, some of their goals have inadvertently been met. (Jeremy White of Codeweavers apologizes thusly “Specifically, I had no idea when we launched the CodeWeavers Lame Duck Challenge that George Bush would take it so seriously.  And it was truly remarkable of him to engineer a complete collapse of our financial industry just to prove he could meet my challenge.  My fault; I had thought he would try more prudent methods.”

But the upshot is that Crossover is going to be free for everyone tomorrow 10/28/08, and it’s good software, so well worth the download :)

Thanks to Codeweavers for sticking to their word on this!

L’Shana Tova

I’ve been trying to get a better handle on what being Jewish means to me over the last few years, and as a consequence I decided to go to temple today for the first time in many years. This is temple B’nai Brith in Somerville – to my knowledge the only temple in town. I got there early to avoid the crowds, and left once it got really crowded after the torah reading. I don’t really think the experience is going to turn me into a temple-goer, but I might go back for yom kippur next week, we’ll see.

In any case, shana tova to all of you – here’s to a new year of life, happiness and peace.

Leica S2 changes everything

For years now people have been longing for what they termed a “full frame” DSLR, meaning a camera with the same sensor size as 35mm film. This was all well and good for 35mm shooters, but those of us who had been using film other than 35mm didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about – 35mm after all was still pretty small. So Leica seems to have decided to skip the “full frame” party  and jump right over into a format that’s twice as big – the new 37.5 megapixel Leica S2 has a 30x45mm sensor, nearly twice the size of the 24x36mm sensors in “full frame” DSLRs, and about the same size as most current medium-format backs. This new camera is to 645 film what the APS-C bodies were to 35mm – half the size, but nearly as good. Leica has raised the bar in an enormous way here – both high-end 35mm-format bodies and MF backs have got to be worried, though I expect this beast will come at a price-point outside the range of most mortals (certainly I won’t have one any time soon.)

Check it out on dpreview:

Zowie – 5DII sure looks impressive

Gizmodo is reporting a 21mp 100-6400 $2700 5D Mark II from Canon. Sure seems impressive. I remain delighted with my D700 and I am a committed Nikon shooter, but if this is true Canon is definitely upping the ante in a big way. I wonder how it will compare noise-wise at high iso.

(I am, however, disappointed that the G10 announcement doesn’t have a larger sensor in the works – come on Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, somebody – make a large-sensor point-n-shoot, I’ve got my checkbook handy… (of course, I’d love to be wrong, if the G10 turns out to be a winner, I’ll pick one up in a heartbeat, it looks beautiful aside from the microscopic sensor…))

I’ll miss you, Paul

My student and friend Paul died this week. I feel lucky that I got to know him at least a little bit – he was a really talented artist who had a great sense of creativity and experimentation – he would often challenge me with questions that saw things from a completely different angle than mine – something I really appreciated. It was a shock to learn of his passing – my thoughts are with his friends and family.

I didn’t take this photo, I think it might be a self-portrait of his.

I’m sure someone beat me to it (Bristol Palin in “Juneau”)

But I spent a chunk of my evening goofing around with photoshop to make this stupid thing anyway – it was just too obvious a gag to pass up…

For the benefit of search-engines everywhere I am adjusting the post title and mentioning here that this is a Juno poster adapted to include Bristol Palin and John McCain. Can’t have that other guy getting all the hits… 😉