Mask, in progress

Remember the other day when I had all those glass eye photos? Well, it got me thinking about the jar of glass eyes sitting in my cupboard. And then I noticed the empty milk jug in the recycle bin and I remembered the glass eyes and the bag of papier maché pulp in the basement… And it was a nice day, and the kitchen was sunny, and Patsy was at work. So I made a mask :)

I’m waiting for it to dry right now, and then I need to figure out how I want to paint it. As my first ‘sculpture’ project in nearly a decade, I am pretty happy with the results so far.


Gamera Portrait

I unearthed some more of my monster collection the other day. I haven’t really found a good prop/scenery situation for the larger scenes yet, but I am having a lot of fun with these ‘portraits’ – I think this one is particularly successful.


Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla versus, uh, the Middle East?

We’ve been getting more and more into this monster project lately, and I dug up some of my monster collection, and discovered some more super-cheap at Kay-Bee’s going out of business sale. Also, we decided we needed a city for them to destroy, so we found some papercraft building sites. The most detailed, and most to-scale were from some kind of wargame, and they have little Arabic inscriptions over the doors. I don’t speak any Arabic and I’m a little scared that the buildings might say something offensive, so please accept my apologies if they do.


More victims

I am planning to start working with the angry mob over the next few days for some balance. I am having so much fun with this (dumb) little project, and I think one of these days it might actually start to look/feel like art, it keeps getting closer…