Our new rings

Yeah, we’re too cutesy for our own good, but while we were away Patsy and I got ourselves rings with blue opal.

Eventually I’d like to really do a _good_ ‘product-shot’ image of these – this one has some issues with the lighting and the black background, marks and dust that I am too lazy to retouch out – I’d rather just shoot it again the right way…


A ton of photos from our trip to Colorado

Most of the time I was in Denver it was snowy and gross, so these photos are almost all from our Dec 1 (“a day without art”, no postings!) trip to the mountains. A high point was finding the Argo gold mill. We were taking photos outside the mill (which was closed and chained shut) and as we were leaving a guy in a pickup pulled up beside us. I completely expected him to give us a hard time for taking so many photos, but I couldn’t have been more wrong – he said that he had noticed we were interested in the mill and that if we wanted to go inside, we could explore all we wanted – he was working there in another part of the building. So in we went, and the place was amazing, as documented below :)

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-08

  • is not sure if he likes the new accordion menus on his blog, they might not be long for this world… #
  • @scandaliz Checked out your blog – it is looking really good! #
  • great day at open studios now at Patsy’s work to see her latest show #
  • @WBUR this American life no contest #

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-07

  • home after a long day, with lots of prep to do for the weekend #
  • @tsiger That would be such good news. I can hardly imagine an IE that doesn’t suck #
  • @drbruc Congratulations! Locked or Unlocked? #
  • @drbruc That makes sense. I’ve been pretty happy with ATT really, even without a discount. I’m sure you’ll like it – grab a copy of Twinkle #
  • learning about SQL triggers #
  • @scandaliz Both are kinda depressing, and I wonder if I am the only one who gets a little queasy reading ‘i’m a beaver believer’ etc #
  • @tsiger dare to dream… #
  • @drbruc that is not such good news – what’s it doing? #
  • @drbruc Seeing as you’re coming from TMO I’m sure you didn’t do this, but just in case – make sure it has the sim it came with installed #
  • @drbruc I had that problem when I tried to swap the original iPhone sim I had into the new one when transferring to my dad #
  • @scandaliz prntscr #
  • @drbruc Me too, both of mine have been trouble-free except when I had 1stgen jailbroken, which caused glitches #

Fork Knife or Spoon?

Babson is, to my mind at least, a pretty conservative, ‘normal’ and borderline-stodgy place. But to their credit, they have a pretty interesting artist-in-residence program. Today I learned about a project that’s running right now called “fork knife or spoon?” which is an installation of writings, drawings, sculptures as well as a website and some other multimedia elements. It’s in the student union building (I forgot my lunch today and had to go to the cafeteria…) This chandelier of plastic utensils was hanging there and I thought it was beautiful – reminds me of a cat my friend Josh Lazar made years ago from stolen silverware from his college cafeteria…

The project’s website is forkknifeorspoon.com – the artist is asking people to submit self-identity pieces about what utensil they most identify with and why. I think it is an extremely cool project and I encourage you folks to participate. I wrote this:

I am a wooden spoon – unassuming and utilitarian at first glance, but
firm and unyielding. I am a bit worn around the edges from use and
experience, and a bit self-conscious when in the drawer surrounded by
newer, shinier utensils. But in my element I bend all the other
ingredients to my will – I push, stir, shove, smash, slap, and yet for
all the force I leave no permanent marks on the pan. I plunge myself
deep into new recipes, filling my bowl with tastes, smells, experiences.

L’Shana Tova

I’ve been trying to get a better handle on what being Jewish means to me over the last few years, and as a consequence I decided to go to temple today for the first time in many years. This is temple B’nai Brith in Somerville – to my knowledge the only temple in town. I got there early to avoid the crowds, and left once it got really crowded after the torah reading. I don’t really think the experience is going to turn me into a temple-goer, but I might go back for yom kippur next week, we’ll see.

In any case, shana tova to all of you – here’s to a new year of life, happiness and peace.

My old friend, if you’re out there…

A long time ago I had a friend – she was beautiful, strong and brilliant. She was a painter with a promising career ahead of her – adept at schmoozing galleries and all the right people (a skill I never learned.) She was an amazing person and a wonderful friend – my best friend at the time. But an abusive and manipulative man took control of her life years ago, and they disappeared from our lives despite the best efforts of friends and family. I’ve been mourning the loss ever since.

I’ve recently learned that she’s ok and perhaps even reading this blog lately. If you’re there, my dear old friend, please know that you are loved and missed and that there are people out here looking forward to the day that you are free to be yourself again.