Indian dinner

Tonight’s Indian feast was a bit of a comedy of errors (we forgot to get yogurt, we forgot to get ginger, we forgot to get…,) but it came together really nicely in the end. We made a great chicken curry w/ coconut milk, some spiced potatoes w/ broccoli, and heated up some naan.



We spent most of the afternoon cleaning the kitchen, and to celebrate we messed it up again. These are (delicious!) tapas-style shrimp with garlic and chilies. We had them with some homemade bread, some Spanish and French cheeses (our favorites – valdeon and bucheron) and some garlicky green beans. All made without a trip to the grocery store, no less!

New Year’s Dumplings

When I was a kid I remember my dad would cook all kinds of fun/interesting/weird finger food for new year’s eve. I remember him making lamejunes, lumpia, and a variety of other steamed/baked/fried things. So I like to follow that ‘tradition’ by making dumplings, etc for our nye celebrations. This year we went over to my sister’s place for a multi-course ‘potluck’ extravaganza. Patsy and I brought shumai, har gau, and samosas. These are pre-steaming…